about us

About us
Mop@Show's Kennel: that is us, Kai, Jennifer and Béla Baro with our dogs Hedwig, Lucy and Mary.
In the heart of East Westphalia, where the Ems originates, is our home and here our affection to animals, especially to dogs began.
I made my first experience in breeding animals as an adolescent. My parents allowed breeding coneys, after I proved that I can take care for my own pets, at that time located at my grandfather's house. I started showing my coneys and was already quite successful!
Working with the rabbits was fun, but at that time I already lost my heart to dogs. As I could not get an own dog I started walking the dogs in the neighbourhood and helping out at the dog training center where I learned a lot about the education of German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Siberian Huskies.
1995 my dream came true – my parents allowed to have an own dog and so our West Highland White Terrier lady Sunny's Line Queen Victoria, called Vicky moved in. With her I visited my first dog show and started being successful!
Ambition spurred me on and so my first own dog moved in in September 2006 – Shaggy Blue Bob's High Energy, called Hedwig. With her I continued my hobby internationally and with a lot of success.
Beginning of 2010 it was love that gave Hedwig and me a new home. With the the whole kit and caboodle we moved to the house of my girlfriend (and todays wife) Jennifer and enriched our pack to a varied family. Together with Jennifer we got to know the crazy siam-kitten Anoubis and the accomplished cat lady Artemis. Getting to know each other was not a problem for any of the four-legged friend, especially as Anoubis was recognized as a puppy and was adopted by Hedwig, following her everywhere she goes. Cat Queen Artemis was supervising this from her cat scratching post.
2012 and 2013 were very special years for us! We made a break showing our dogs and left our home to build a new house, planned after our conception and prepared for breeding. In December we could finally move into our new house – just in time as in January 2013 our son Béla was born. We are perfectly happy!
With this basis we'd like to breed Bobtails and West Highland White Terriers. We are looking forward to keep and improve the breed standards with our work and visits on dog shows. Our highest aim is of course the health of our dogs and giving the puppies into caring and responsible hands.

Due to this we'd like to stay in touch with our puppies and their new families. We're helping where we can, either with support regarding education, help with grooming or if needed, just with taking the dogs back to us, when they maybe cannot join the family during holidays and so on.
If you are now curious to get more information about us, don't hesitate to contact us my mail or by phone. We are grateful for every feedback concerning our site and for every paw print on our homepage.

Of course we do only breed under the governing organization of the German Kennel Club (VDH), the German Old English Sheepdog Club (DOESC) and the German Terrier Club (KfT). The puppies grow up savely in our house and garden, close to the family and with other animals. We arrange that all dogs bred by us gained as much experience as possible with sounds from the everyday life, different surroundings and other people and animals. We'd love to lend our support to interested prospects and friends of Bobtails and Westies. Before buying a dog we provide you with professional advice which breed might be suitable for you and your personal circumstances and will assist you with tips concerning the grooming and education of dogs.

All the best,
Kai & Jennifer Baro